Cozy village of Smolianka

Smolianka is a quiet and cozy village in Kodymshchyna region surrounded by forest that is a real paradise for resting at one with nature. The locals have created green manors for tourists; they will feed them with homemade meals and offer them a healing sleep on the hives. And playful goats will keep the company both with children and adults!

Smolianka is an ideal place for power renewal which is worth visiting in all times of season. It is easily reached by rail through the town of Kodyma in the Odessa region or by the T1611 highway.

Meal service (+38 067 885 52 43, Halyna)


  • Apitherapy (+38 068 352 0427, Halyna)


  • Eco manor (+38 067 885 52 43, Halyna)
  • House (+38 096 716 84 54, Tetiana)

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