The village of Zahnitkiv, where there are a lot of stonemasons, is particularly interesting because of its amazingly beautiful “Zahnitkiv Yar” canyon, which reminds all tourists of Carpathian landscapes but is actually a separate universe. When you are in that ravine looking at the rock shells and listening to the springs sounds, you suddenly realize that this is where everything started. Indeed, it is hard to believe that Zahnitkiv Yar was the bottom of an ancient sea, but its greatness and calmness can still be felt in the same place.

A rapid river flows through the ravine, and its steep slopes hide the hermitage of a lonely monk or the Karmeliukova Cave. According to the legend, there was a hiding place of Ustym Karmeliuk, a prominent folk rebel.

The Horpynyna Mountain is looking down on the ravine. Its peak resembles the profile of the witch Horpyna who could tell the fortune by a millwheel and became one of the characters of Henryk Sienkiewicz’s novel “With Fire and Sword”. This place is also known in the village as the Bublykova Rock in honour of a peasant whose house seemed to attach to the foothill.

But probably the most interesting thing is the extensive system of limestone mines, which reaches a depth of fifty meters and is scattered almost everywhere under the village. Limestone mining took place in the second half of the last century. Fifty-five people worked in the mine in two shifts. A queue of trucks was standing up to the river. The stone was cut in cubes in a chess order so that to prevent landslides.

Local stone masons are now guiding tourists through the adits, while the mine is waiting for its revival.

Then tourists will be invited to a master class on authentic dances of karapet, cracovienne and hrechanyky to delve even further into the amazing atmosphere of Zahnitkiv! Children's folklore and ethnographic ensemble “Vytoky”, which makes the top 10 of children's folklore groups in Ukraine, will teach you these dances.

And the Cossack history of Zahnitkiv is shown in the ancient Cossack cemetery, where majestic stone crosses from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries abound.

It is easy to reach the village of Zahnitkiv by railway through the town of Kodyma in the Odessa region or by the T1611 highway.

Tourist locations:

  • St. Michael's Church
  • Zahnitkiv Yar
  • Cossack Cemetery
  • Limestone mines
  • Bublykova Rock
  • Karmeliukova Cave

Meal service, guided tours (+38 098 767 12 91, Liudmyla)

Entertainment and other services:

  • Dancing master classes (+38 098 767 12 91, Liudmyla)

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