The most picturesque village of Shershentsi

The village of Shershentsi is located in the valley of the Bilochi River, on a hilly, rocky terrain, among ravines and beams, that is why it is called Odessa Switzerland. Therefore, it’s better to start admiring it from the hill at the entrance to the village, which offers a spectacular panorama. Then travellers meet the St. Archangel Michael's Church that is put on the The State Register of Immovable Monuments of Ukraine.

If you walk down a narrow street under the ravine, you will see the Lord's Well, adorned with an icon.

The well is built in such a way that the sun's rays hitting its basin with a large supply of water are reflected from the white sand at the bottom that makes the water always blue.

A basin with water reserve is a feature of most Shershentsi’s wells. Down from the church, there is a stone Trinity well with a large gutter, at which the “pilky” are still being washed - the so-called hand-woven carpets.

An ancient wooden sweep, a stone well and a gutter cut out of solid stone in the shape of a font are hidden among high willows in the valley by the river. Tourists are also interested in a well with three crosses embedded in a rural street slope.

Nadia and Dmytro Skoryk are citizens who moved to the village and connected their lives with Shershentsi. In 2012, they created the Bilochi ethno-ecological house, which now welcomes many visitors. And soon they launched their own dairy production “From Pantiusha”, the products of which are in high demand in Ukraine. Nadia also studies authentic embroidery and creates real masterpieces!

And after such a massive cultural impact on the delicate mental organization of tourists, you will definitely be offered Shershentsi’s holubtsi (stuffed cabbage leaves)! Mmm, just imagine hot, baked in an oven holubtsi so that the cabbage becomes thin and tender and then watered with homemade sour cream. Isn’t that a work of art? The local, authentic art of cooking.

It is easy to rich the village of Shershentsi by railway through the town of Kodyma in the Odessa region or by the T1611 highway.

Tourist locations:

  • The St. Archangel Michael's Church
  • • The Lord's Well
  • • A ravine
  • • A gutter
  • • A Trinity well
  • • Dairy farm
  • • The Balkan well
  • • The Bilochi green manor
  • • The authentic house of old woman Kseniia
  • • A coomb
  • • A sweep
  • • Bashky
  • • Lordly estate
  • • Ipatii’s well
  • • Hanseatic Cross


Guided tours and entertainment:

  • • Guided tours (+38 098 081 8574, Liudmyla)
  • • Horse cart riding (+38 068 329 0394, Polikarp)

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