What is the Chumak trade for Ukraine? On the one hand, it is a poorly studied layer of our history and culture, and on the other hand it is a unique prototype of a national merchant. After all, Chumaks stood at the origins of international trade relations.

When did the Chumak trade begin? It was in such ancient times that it is mentioned in historical documents of the seventeenth century as a well-developed phenomenon.

The Shpak’s way, which passed through the territory of today's Kodymshchyna, was named after the first ataman and guide Fedir Shpak. He, like an experienced bird, was able to bring Chumak strings of carts along such secret paths and deserted passages that they could avoid all the troubles on their way.

This is why we invite all fans of eco-tourism to take the exciting cultural route “Shpak’s Way”!

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Шпаків шлях
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