Multiethnic village of Kruti

In ancient times, the village of Kruti was one of the largest Jewish settlements in the Kodymshchyna. That's why traditional handicrafts were developed there. There were Ukrainian and Jewish schools and a religious school (bursa), where Anatolii Svydnytskyi, one of the most famous Ukrainian prose writers and the initiator of the genre of the social problem novel, graduated. Now there is a village school within the walls of this religious bursa. And locals are planning to create a museum in its thick-walled basements.

The old Jewish cemetery holds many mysteries and tragic life stories, and this is what attracts most tourists.

The Church of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God deeply affects people because its building does not have a clearly defined facade, as it is symbolically built identical to all four sides of the world. It is also a registered architectural monument.

People crowded in the center of the village in the local tavern, where travellers were enjoying smoked sausages. Although the tavern itself has not been preserved, sausages are still being smoked with brynza in Kruti.

The village of Kruti is easy to reach by railway through the town of Kodyma in the Odessa region or by the T1622 highway.

Tourist locations:

  • • Jewish Cemetery
  • • The Church of the Holy Protection of the Mother of God
  • • A former religious bursa

Guided tours (+38 098 859 1115, Svitlana)

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