On the border of the Podilska Upland and the steppe, in the north of the Odessa Region, the picturesque Kodymshchyna stretches among forests, rivers, ponds, fields and hills.

Travelers can reach the town of Kodyma that is the tourist centre and the first point of our route by highways or by rail.

The history of settlements on the town territory dates back to the times of the Trypillan culture, the late Bronze Age of the Chernyakhiv culture. And then it was ruled by Kyivan Rus, the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, Poland and the Ottoman Empire... In the 17th century, Jews made up almost a half of the Kodyma’s population, as this area was a place of their settlement. In the area of the current railway station, the Roma were setting up a camp. Kodyma has been considered the boundary of worlds and peoples since ancient times; it united the sections of the Chumak routes, a large crossroads of which is reflected on ancient maps. Therefore, Kodyma has such an amazing history and culture.

If a curious tourist wants to comprehend the whole history of this region at one gulp, the Kodyma Museum of Local History will definitely help. The building is a former landlord's Rosenfeld estate that is a monument of architecture and urban development.

Despite its young age, the museum is the centre of spiritual, artistic and cultural life in the region and the town itself. This is where various events and meetings with famous personalities take place.

Kodyma has been known for gardens and apiaries since long ago. This place was even called the “honey farm”, the owners of which were Poles. You can learn about the Polish pages of Kodyma's history in the new Kodyma Roman Catholic Church, which you can visit not only for historical reference, but also for spiritual advice.

It is convenient to reach the town of Kodyma by railway or by Т1611 and Т1622 highways.

Tourist locations:

  • The Museum of Local History
  • The Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross
  • The Catholic Church of the Transfiguration
  • The Old Jewish Cemetery


Guided tours:

  • The guided tour of the Museum of Local History (+38 096 529 57 53, Zinaida)


  • “Kodyma” Hotel (+38 094 960 3018)
  • House, “U Oleha (At Oleh’s)” Hotel (+38 096 846 2703)

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