The village of Grabove: ravines and industrial furnace

While travelling along the Shpak's route from Kodyma to Shershentsi, make a stop in the village of Grabove, known for its natural treasures, particularly for large deposits of building stone, clay and sand. At the beginning of the last century, limestone production was rather developed in the village, as a result a limestone plant was built and one of the huge lime kilns has been preserved to this day.

The ravines of Grabove are well known to all travellers who will definitely stop here to enjoy drinking cold spring water. Well, if you are not in a hurry, you can drink Grabovske linden-blossom tea with the fragrant and useful herbs.

Once upon a time, this village was home to the Mr. Bohdan Khanenko’s estate, who was a famous philanthropist and descendant of Hetman Mykhailo Khanenko. But unfortunately, only one wall and cellars are left of this estate.

The village of Grabove is located on the Т1611 highway.

Tourist locations:

  • • Ravines

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