Budei: a miraculous windmill

The old chumak village of Budei is situated on the spurs of the Podilska Upland on both sides of the Kodyma River, on steep hills with ravines and draws. Chumak strings of carts from all over the country flocked there to leave for a chumak trade.

Locals remember that it was not so long ago, when ten huge wooden wind mills were standing on the hills around them. But there is only one left. The most amazing thing is that, thanks to the care of the peasants, it is still functioning!

The wind mill is a steppe miracle that weighs ten tones and is ten meters high. Despite its large weight and dimensions, the mill can easily rotate around its axis in the wind. Inside the mill, steps lead to the first floor, where there is a large mechanism with millstones that is considered the main workforce. Heavy rocks grind the grain into white flour. The wind mill can grind a ton or even a ton and a half of grain for 10 hours in strong wind. Tourists will be also interested in the wooden St. Paraskeva’s Church in the centre of the village, which is an architectural monument protected by the state. Large, quiet ponds are waiting for tourists around the village, as if they were created for fishing.

The wind mill in Budei attracts not only tourists, but also photo artists from all over Ukraine

It is easy to reach the village Budei by railway through the town of Kodyma in the Odessa region or by the T1611 highway.

Tourist locations:

  • A wooden wind mill
  • St. Paraskeva’s Church
  • Ponds

Meal service, guided tours (+38 098 051 5996, Alla)

Entertainment and other services:

Horse cart riding (+38 097 801 6321, Serhii)

Світлини: Oleg Nedviga.

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